Lesser Long-Nosed Bat

Leptonycteris Yerbabuenae


The Lesser Long-Nosed Bat is a relatively smaller bat, that is found in Central and North America. It is sometimes known as Sanborn's Long-Nosed Bat, or the Mexican Long-Nosed Bat. It is a distinct species, often referred to as Leptos because of the genus they are located in. The scientific name is derived from the type locality, near Yerbanbuena in Guerrero, Mexico.


Lesser Long-Nosed Bats are not that big in size. Their average length is about 3 inches long, and they weigh between 15 and 25 grams. Males and females are similar in size, and almost indistinguishable. They have a long, narrow snout which goes into their nose-leaf. Only 3 other species of bat have this nose-leaf. Their tongues are also well adapted for lapping up nectar, including long ridges and rough papillae, which may also protect from disease by scraping the teeth clean. Adult bats are a yellow-brown color, or even a grey.