Catherine of Arrogan: Divorced

Has Henry VIII's long relationship crashed?

Henry VIII is pushing for a divorce from Catherine, some people are saying it is because of a growing relationship with his mistriss, Anne Boleyn. Meanwhile others are saying it is because Henry is desperate for a male heir. Could the divorce simply be an excuse for break from the Pope in order to gain power and wealth?

Henry VIII clearly wants Anne Boleyn to be his queen, he has been chasing her for quite a long period of time and Anne Boleyn has recently become his mistriss. So Henry is having a royal affair? Possibly. He could just want Catherine out so he gets a younger more desirable queen.

Perhaps it is the idea of him increasing his chances of that highly desirable male heir that

is fuelling this break from Rome. Henry badly needs a male heir to keep the monarchy strong. If he fails this it makes the chances of a rebellion from a noble or somebody else high in the rankings incredibly higher. As if this isn't enough, Henry promised his dying father to produce a son. In summary this, again, is a very legitimate cause to fuel this somewhat suprising break from the Roman Catholic Church.

Henry VIII has always been finding new ways to increase his income, he is very good with money, because of this he has become one of the richest kings. Could this mean that all of this fuss was just for him to gain wealth? It is doubted that the only reason for this break from Rome is just a stunt to get more money and power, it is much more likely that it was a "even better" moment. Henry probably wants the break from Rome for one of the previouly mentioned reasons, this reason then really set the plan in stone.

The conclusion then is that there are two main reasons for the divorce, to have Anne Boleyn as queen and to increase his chances of a male heir, gaining money and wealth is seen just as another benefit for a break from the church. Sadly it looks like we are going to loose are best and favourite queen to a mistiss with no real connection to a royal family anywhere. We may be more understanding if Boleyn produces a son quickly, however in the likely event of tht not happening Henry will have two outraged countries on his hands - England and Spain.