The Shadow Valley Post

By: Jake, Chisom, Trent, and Blaise

Gatsby's At It Again!

Once again Mr. Gatsby has thrown another massive party at his monster of a mansion, but this one seemed to be special. With the party lasting all night long and even surviving through a minor storm, it seemed as if Gatsby "...was on a mission, a mission to find someone, or something", an anonymous attender of the party says. The overall theme for this party seemed to feature more of a classical feel.

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Gatsby Now Up For Homicide Charges?

George Wilson a mechanic had been sick for a few days before he and his wife Myrtle Wilson left for there trip, when he grew suspicious of Myrtle's recent adventures away from home and locked her away for a few days until they left for there trip. Mryrtle desides to run away from George. As she is running across a street she is struck by car that is identical to Mr. gatsby's car. Myrtle killed instantly, but just when you might have thought it was Gatsby behind the wheel you would be shocked to know that it was acually Daisy Buchanon, wife of rich boy Tom Buchanon. Why is she driving Gatsby's car? An unknown source tells us "She had been in love with Gatsby before he went off to war, and now they have found love between one another again."

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Jay Gatsby's Death

Earlier today the extravagant Jay Gatsby was shot in his back by George Wilson, who then shot himself in the head. As of now the motive of the shooting has not been discovered. Many speculate that it has to do with Gatsby’s unethical choice of work, or his lack or parties in the recent weeks. There is most likely also going to be an investigations going on with his bodyguards and housekeepers. To understand how one man made it past the fences and then got close enough to Gatsby to shoot him. His funeral will probably be the funeral of the century. It will most likely be attended by all of his friends and party goers. But one thing for sure is that New York will truly miss him and his parties. But also with his death, come the question on where his money and house will go, since he had no family.

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(The Next Day) 19th Amendment Ratified!!!

After years of protesting wemon finally have the right to vote and are that much closer to having equal rights with men. This is a major step in society because in a lot of countries wemon don't even have the right to pick who they want to marry. The decision was a unanimous vote by the U.S. Supreme Court. This will allow wemon to vote not only for presidential elections but even in Governer elections for state representatives. Major influences to this decision were riots, protests, hunger and, work strikes. Beat sticks had nothing to do with this... not at all.