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Francis Cobot Lowell opened a new mill

Dear Kristin,

This Elizabeth Cornfield writing to you from the Lowell mill in Lowell, Massachusetts. My name is Elizabeth and at the Lowell mill it is crazy, everyone is coming to Francis Lowell because they want to have the chance to earn money instead of working on a family farm. The mills pay us between two to four dollars a week. Us workers pay one dollar and twenty five cents for room and board. The wages here were much better than you could earn per week in other jobs but we aren't getting paid enough for the amount of work we do and the air is dirty and filled with cotton filaments which causes us to have breathing problems. It isn't that bad because we are given boarding houses and food and in free time they encouraged us to take classes and form women’s club. Even though we are given all these advantages we should still get paid more for all the jobs we do because we have to work harder and faster with the new machinery it is also hard to hear other people in the mills because the machinery is very loud. Writing to you will hopefully make some changes at the Lowell mill.


Elizabeth Cornfield

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Published: January 13th, 1835

By: Kristin Gaulke