Causes of the American Revolution

Saul Benitez

Proclamation of 1763

The king of England said it is illegal to move past tha appalchian mountains b/c he wants to avoid another war.

Stamp Act of 1765

This is a tax on paper . The Stamp Act was first direct tax to be levied in the Amercan Colonies

The Townsend Acts of 1767

Townsend Acts of 1767 including paint ,paper, lead ,glass ,& tea & used royal

The Boston Massacre

It was not really a massacre , only 5 people died

The Tea Act

The tea act was a tax on tea. The tea act only allowed tea to be shipped from East Indian Company

The baston tea party

In Boston, the sons of liberty organized what came to be known as the Baston Tea Party

The Intolerable Acts

The British called these laws the coerive acts , but they were so harsh that the colonists called them the Intolerable Acts.

Lexington and Concord

Were the first battles of the Revolutionary war. As Ralf Waldo Emerson later wrote