Nazi Concentration Camps

By: Will Enos 1st Hour


In January, 1933 Adolf Hitler rose to power. Soon after on March 1933 the first Concentration Camp was established, its name was Dachau. Hitler wanted to create a superior race by eliminating anyone that he did not like. He wanted to exterminate many different races but the biggest target were Jews. The camps made everything a lot worse. Death camps weren’t even the worst camps you could be at. If you were at a Death Camp then they would almost immediately kill you. In work camps, working all day and night would feel like torture itself. The Camps in WWII were one of the biggest parts of the war.

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Concentration Camps

The camps in WWII were one of the biggest parts of the war. One of the types of camps was a Concentration Camp/Work Camp. In Concentration Camps, a large number of people were held captive against their will to do forced labor to await execution. The prisoners had little food and water. Some of the major Work Camps were Auschwitz-Birkenau, Buchenwald, Dachau, Flossenburg, and Ravensbruck which is where a lot of the medical experiments took place.

Death Camps

The camps in WWII were one of the biggest parts of the war . Death camps were designed to kill many people by gassing and mass executions. Sonderkommandos which were Jewish prisoners that were picked to help dispose of bodies and to greet incoming prisoners. They would tell the prisoners that they were going to take a shower. The prisoners believed them and it ended up being gas not water. The Sonderkommandos had to lie to their fellow people in order to stay alive. Usually in the end they became to weak so they would be killed anyway. There were only six death/extermination camps. The most well known one was Auschwitz-Birkenau.

Transit Camps

The camps in WWII were one of the biggest parts of the war. In Transit camps, people would be sent there and wait to then be moved to one of the six extermination camps where they would kill you. They would round a selected number of people up have them on a train to one of the death camps in Poland. The trains had one bucket filled with water and one bucket empty that was used for going to the bathroom. Anne Frank was held at one of the transit camps, Bergen-Belsen.


Camps were one of the most devastating parts of the war. That killed more people than the actual fighting. No one should ever forget what happened in WWII. It was one of the biggest historical events ever in the world. It changed a lot of things about Germany, Japan, and many other countries. WWII was one of the biggest wars ever if not the biggest. It had a pivotal change on society and still does today.