Stephen King

wytika harris 5th period 12/3/15

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Carrie was not quite aware that she was possessed of a terrifying power. But was enough to transform a small,quiet New England town into a holocaust of destruction beyond the imagination pf man . Innocent schoolgirl of venge demon, Carrie will make your shudder...
Carrie is a girl who gets bullied at school and her mother always locks her in a closet. she gets set up by a group of kids at prom n they throw a big bucket of blood on her. Carrie start to attact the whole school eletrick shot people who where all on the floor that step on to the water that had spilled when it came on from the top of the school once she left the school she started to attact the other kids who had left n killed them carrie wassnt takeing nobody bull crap any more.