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Even More Google Updates to Make Teaching Easier


As much as I enjoy bringing you new tech tools and tips each week, there are always updates happening to the G Suite of apps. Since I've last written about past updates, there have been some major upgrades to Forms and each app in the G Suite bank of apps. I enjoy passing this knowledge onto you since it makes lesson preparation that much easier and efficient.

Smarter Google Forms

Forms has been around since 2008, and since then, Google has been able to study the question patterns that all of its users have created. Using that information is how Forms can now predict the question type you're asking. For example, if you're asking about the best days of the week to host a meeting, Forms will automatically change the question type to Check boxes, presuming that's what you'd select. Other question types appear for various questions as well, so this is a valuable addition!

File Upload Question Type

If you've ever given a quiz using Forms, you know how cumbersome asking an essay-type question is. This especially rings true when you go to grade it since the tiny cell of the Sheet expands and can be kind of hard to read. But, Google has now taken care of that issue with the option for a "File Upload" type of question. What this allows students to do is type their essay on a Doc, or upload an image from their computer and submit it as the answer to that question. Then, the teacher is able to see the link to the file from the Sheet of responses, along with the other answers. This has the potential to be a really beneficial resource for teachers and students.

Custom Templates in Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Forms

Last year, I wrote an Ed Tech Tip about the use of templates in Google Docs. But, as of yesterday, Google has unveiled a plethora of templates across the entire Suite of apps. Now you are able to create documents, surveys, and presentations with ease using one of these custom templates. Of course you can create your own and submit them, but the basic templates are quite useful.

Several Available Templates

If you're looking to create a new file from a template, the destination to acquire the template is the same in each app. Navigate to File > New > From Template and you will be presented with several options. They are also categorized to make it easier on you. Below are the categories available for each app.

Google Docs: Resumes (Four different templates), Letters (Business, Informal), Education (Essay in MLA Format, Class Notes, Lesson Plan), Work (Proposal, Meeting Notes, Brochure)

Google Sheets: Personal (To-Do List, Budget, Planner), Work (Time Sheet, Budget), Education (Grade Book, Attendance)

Google Slides: Education (Book Report, Student Certificate), Work (Proposal, Profile), Personal (Photo Album, Recipe Book)

Google Forms: Education (Exit Ticket, Assessment, Course Evaluation) , Personal (Contact Information, RSVP, T-Shirt Sign Up), Work (Event Feedback, Order Form, Time Off Request)

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