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Weekly Newsletter for Sra. Kilburn´s Spanish 2

Progress Reports will be filed with the schools next week.

Although there is no penalty for handing in assignments late, zeros will be put in for undone assignments for the sake of next week's progress report so that you will have a better idea of their performance. Without doing this, I student who had done only one assignment and received 100 on that assignment, would show 100 in the course grade even though they were terribly behind. Any work that receives a Zero will have the grade replaced once the work is submitted and graded at no penalty.

Required Live Classes - Many students are missing this very important assignment!

Please ask your student to show them their Schedule of Assignments and show you which assignment they are on in the course. This is the best way for you both to know if they are getting behind.

How can you tell how your student is doing?

On the course landing page, on the left hand margin, there is a link called "Grades". If you open this, you can see which assignments have been done and the grade they received. The students have been told to print out the Schedule of Assignments and use it as a check list as a way to keep track of completed work as well.

The Learning Block - Important to read daily and to read past posts if out for some reason

The Learning Block is a forum inside our course where I post daily announcements, reminders, celebrations, and instructional tips. This is the place in the course where the students can hear directly from me regarding conceptual topics in the course. When the student first opens Moodle, they are bounced directly into this forum. Many of the students are reading and responding to my comments there but I also still have students missing out on valuable instruction. Please help your student become used to reading announcements daily and if out for some reason to read past announcements.

In need of help?

Is your student in need of some extra help? The Peer Tutoring Center is an excellent option! I also highly recommend the use of our tutors with Final Project studying!

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