By:Abbie Lara,Steffanie Roldan


An opening or moutain where molten lava,ash,and gases are erupted from.

Ex:Tambora Volcano

The Tambora Volcano erupted on April 10,1815 in Indonesia.The tambora Volcano exploded it killed 10,000 people and 80,000 died from the aftermath.

Negative effects on both people and environments

It effects the enviroment because after the ash can cover the enviroment surrounding the volcanoes.How it effects people it makes it impossible if the ashfall gets heavy.Pyroclastic flows are created by lava and can kill people.

Benifits of volcano

The ash from volcanoes improve soil fertility,building roads are made from dried lava rocks.

Facts about volcano

*The word volcano comes from the Roman god of fire,Vulcan.

*80% Earth is made from volcanic activity.

*When magma escapes from inside the earth a volcano erupts.


The Trans-Pecos/Mountains and Basins might be affected. Lava from a volcano causes erosion by flooding an area and destroying geographic features.