Diary of a Wimpy Kid

From Max, Eli, and Alexx


Greg goes to school and he logs everything in a journal. He has two brothers and his best friend is a chubby kid named Rowley. He had a bad time at school and finally struck it rich with this blonde named Holly. At the end he realizes that his friends are more important than popularity.


3rd Person Limited: From Greg's perspective

Our Character Descriptions

Our Critique

Our critique of the book is that it is definitely meant for like 3rd graders. It is full of immature humor and a bunch of random thing that would never happen in real life. It is also full of unrealistic possibilities and bad influences to unruly kids. Would not recommend if your child is mature enough to handle some of the scenes.

Book Title and Literary Devices

So recess is basically like a prison yard: Simile

Rodrick is a boring log: Simile

That test was a piece of cake: Simile

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