Gone to Carolina in my Mind

Boone, North Carolina


Boone, North Carolina has many different landforms. Some of these landforms include the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Elk River.
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What Should I do When I Visit?

Four Seasons

There are lots of activities to do during each of the seasons in Boone, North Carolina. During Fall you can go to Tweetsie Railroad and enjoy a haunted train ride through the mountains. In Winter, you can visit one of their amazing ski slopes, including Sugar Mountain, Beech Mountain and Appalachian Ski Mountain. In Spring you can take a hike on the Blue Ridge Parkway. During Summer people love to find one of Boone's swimming holes such as, Trashcan Falls or Elk River Falls.

Interesting Facts

Boone was named after the American Pioneer Daniel Boone.
Boone is located in Blue Ridge Mountains.
Boone is one of the top 10 places to retire.

Weather in Boone, North Carolina

Boone gets 56 inches of rain per year, most of the United States gets 37 inches of rain. They also get about 40 inches of snow in Winter. The high during Summer is around 78 degrees, the Winter low is 24 degrees.