Centers For Disease Control

By: JyAnna Watson

What Do We Do?

Center For Disease Control (CDC) helps people and families from different diseases. We tell you about how viruses and bacteria leads to an unhealthy body and affects. We also give tips on how to prevent infections/keep from your infection form getting stronger.

My Position

I tell people about different diseases. I let them know ways from keeping others from that disease, also how to prevent from getting it. Most recently I had a patient come in who had the camel flu asking about causes and symptoms. I am here to tell her.

Most recently I had a patient come in who had Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS)/Camel Flu. The camel flu is a respiratory infection caused by MERS-coronavirus. The virus was known in Arabia Peninsula because of the most presenting symptoms. Normally spread by close contact with an infected person, disease spread from a mild to severe range. There are no vaccines or treatments for the disease, but antiviral medications are being studied.

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