Tangerine with Jerry

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Erik and Paul

Erik and Paul are two very different people, they are almost polar opposites. Erik seems to be very full of himself and always has his chin held high. Where Paul has been made fun of his whole life, and is quite shy. Erik has been in tangerine,Florida for only a few weeks and he already has many friends who think he is the best person in the world. Which is very different from Paul because he hasn't made many friends in the last couple weeks.

What has been going on in our town of Tangerine

  1. Erik Fisher takes over football team
  2. Underground fires are becoming more frequent
  3. Mike Costello's death
  4. Paul Fisher enters school!
  5. Lightning strikes at the same time everyday
  6. rain calms down the fire in the field but they come back
  7. Erik is a place kicker
  8. lightning hit a metal pole killing a minor (Mike Costello)
  9. Mr.Bridges held a meeting about practicing in thunderstorms.
  10. Paul Fisher isn't eligible for the soccer program at the school.

Protest of fire

Please join our protest to try and put out the field fire. We are gathering in the field of fire. please bring posters, markers, and speakers/microphones. please join us for a good cause, we will provide food and water.

-Some person in Tangerine :)

Mikes Death

Mike's death was a very eventful death. The first thing that happened was Mike leaning against the metal pole. Then the lightning strike, burning his hair of. then the coaches started CPR on him while Erik's father called 911. Then Mikes little brother tried to pull his shoe off while the ambulance put needles into him. This is what happened at Mikes Death. Have a great day.

-A, Jerry, and Fob


I feel like a MOYA issue that is going on in the text is that Paul is ranked lower than Erik in the family household. Erik seems to always be on top, this might lead to depression. It might not bother Paul as much now, but it most likely will later.