Owl I need is love from a mammal

Bridget Budde Pd.3

Fly guy looking for the reason why I need a mammal ;)

  • I lay hard eggs but I can't lay my finger on whoooo ( i'm an owl) I want.
  • I shake my feathers and wings to attract my other warm blooded friend.
  • I land on my two feet but can't stand how many feet I am way from you.

Fly Guy looking for my special someone

  • I'm looking for someone whooo can make milk by themselves so I do not have to go looking for worms.
  • someone who has four feet so they can give me piggy back ride when we have long walks on the side of the beach
  • Someone who can give birth live so we don't have to keep my eggs so warm.
  • Someone whoooo has fur to keep me warm in the really cold nights

About me ;)

  • My name is fly guy
  • I'm looking for a mammal
  • I'm a owl
  • I'm a bird