The Spartan Standard

Creating Coherent Systems That Promote Learning for All

Something to Think About...

I do not think there is any other quality so essential to success of any kind as the quality of perseverance. It overcomes almost everything, even nature.--John D. Rockefeller

Mary Rose's Schedule

Monday 3/10: PLC Collaboration

8:23 WASC Leader Training

9:15 Coffee with the Principal

9:30 WASC Leader Training

10:24 WASC Leader Training

11:53 WASC Leader Training

12:46 WASC Leader Training

1:40 PLC

3:30 Doctor's Appointment

Tuesday 3/11: CAHSEE Training

8:00 WASC Training @ D.O.

3:00 SSC Mtg. @ Categorical Office

Wednesday 3/12:

9:00 Parent Meeting

10:25 CAHSEE Class visits

11:30 CAHSEE Class visits

2:55 Faculty Meeting

Thursday 3/13:

9:30 Parenting Series

1:00 Parent Meeting

3:00 S. Huezo

Friday 3/14:

7:45 Calendar

11:00 CV Field Show Meeting

6:00 T. Olaes

Saturday 3/15:

7:00 Joseph & The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

Sunday 3/16:

2:00 Joseph & The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

Spartan Events

Spring sports are all under way! Though our softball and baseball teams are playing away due to construction on their fields, there is still Track, Men's Volleyball, Women's Lacrosse and Men's Lacrosse.

"Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat" opened to rave reviews last Friday. Come and watch the biggest and most awaited musical of the year.

Check out the weekly calendar placed in your mailboxes or the school calendar through Outlook to watch. Students love seeing you at their events!

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A Desk for Ms. Kalaher

The Chula Vista High community, through the kindness of parent Kelli Gibbs, surprised our very own Ms. Sue Kalaher with matching desks for the Attendance Office. Ms. Gibbs said that Ms. Kalaher has been very helpful, kind, and effective with parents and students in dealing with attendance. When she noticed that Ms. Kalaher's desk was a "piece of plywood lying on top of two file cabinets", an idea germinated and she sprung into action. Ms. Gibbs contacted the principal and swore her to secrecy and with about two more pinkie swears, the plan was set to motion. Ms. Kalaher was very surprised indeed.

Walkthrough Focus

As we walk through this week, we will be looking for the following:

  • Daily Learning Target and the agenda that supports its completion: How does your DLT transform as your lessons go through the Rigor-Relevance Framework? How does your agenda align to accomplishing your DLT? How does your instructional activity match the rigor of your DLT?
  • Students talking to each other using Academic Language: How do you create opportunities for students to work together to use academic language as they engage in higher level thinking or high cognitive tasks?
  • Common Core Transition: How do your lessons reflect the rigorous skills in the ELA anchor standards and/or the Mathematical practices?

PLC Collaboration

If you have not finished, continue to plan a common lesson that incorporates the use of structured student interaction and to peer observe one of the PLC team members execute the lesson. The debrief of the peer observation will be at the next PLC meeting which will be on April 14. Please attach a copy of the lesson plan with materials and the summary of your discussion as a result of this whole process by 3:30 PM on Tuesday, April 15. Your summary of PLC collaboration today should include when the peer observations will be taking place. Summary will be due Tuesday, March 11 by 3:30 PM.

If you have already peer observed, this PLC meeting should be used to discuss your observations, making note of what practices were effective and what adjustments to the structured student interaction practice may need to be made for future lessons. Please attach a copy of the lesson plan with materials and the summary of your discussion as a result of this whole process by 3:30 PM tomorrow, Tuesday, March 11.

Please note: This is planning you already do. Part of the work of the PLC is to ensure implemention of agreed-upon instructional strategies that promote achievement at a deeper level. Structured Student Interaction is one of them. If you have any questions, please see Mary Rose or any assistant principal.

Faculty Meeting

For this Wednesday's Faculty Meeting, please plan to meet with your Focus Groups in the following classrooms/Rooms:

  • Vision, Purpose and Governance: Old Library
  • Standards-Based Student Learning-Instruction: Room 152
  • Standards-Based Student Learning-Curriculum: Room 158
  • Assessment and Accountability: Room 162
  • School Culture & Student Support: Room 153

I will E-mail, under separate cover, the information on who belongs to what focus group. The WASC Focus Group Leaders will be leading the activity on determining evidence under each focus group criteria. After 40 minutes, we will all assemble at the Old Library where we will conduct a Gallery walk to add input to the evidence for all other focus groups. We plan to gather the evidence and start writing in April so it is so important that you all be at this Faculty meeting.

For the Common Good

  • MASTER SCHEDULE: Thank you for filling out and turning in the Teacher Information Sheet. At this time, the counselors are registering students. The tallies should be ready by April. The information you turned in is important to the master schedule team as decisions on assignments are made.
  • ANTI-CYBERBULLYING FOLLOW-UP: I will be sending a letter home to parents regarding our stand on cyberbullying. In addition, a group of students, with the help of Matt Asano, made an anti-cyberbullying video that will be shown to all students on Tuesday, March 11 during Advisory. Your discussions with students really helped reinforce the message that cyberbullying is NOT freedom of speech. Please help reinforce the message to students that they must be responsible for their online presence. A link to the video will be on our website for parents and staff to watch.

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