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Alexis Jennings

Information About Me

my name is Alexis Jennings. im 14 years old. Things that i enjoy doing is volleyball and coloring. when i grow up i would like to do plays in kansas city and be a phyciatric theripast. This summer i mostly spent time at my moms house and spent time with mom, my grandma and my little sister, Paige. i also did alot of babysitting for people at church and earned some money for a car that i will be getting in November.....hopefully. Clubs and Activities that i like to do is acting and volleyball as well as in my free time babysit. I would like to possibly do swimming but im not sure that i can fit that into my schedual this year what with all the thing i would like to get out of the way before this school year is over. other information you might like to know about me is that i love to hang out with my friends and listen to music.