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How I Became a cook

Hungry, bored, and nothing to heat up. I guess i'll have to actually cook something. I didn't really know how to cook so, I looked on Pinterest for something easy, good, and fast to make. I looked for a recipe on how to make sushi because we had a bunch fish in the freezer. I didn't think it was gonna be good after I made it, but with determination and the right resources you can do anything.

Every Saturday at the YMCA at Twelve

Here is the date, time, and requirements to take my cooking class. It takes place every Saturday at noon, unless informed otherwise. It will be located in room 127 at the YMCA. It costs thirty dollars a month and you must bring your own aprons, oven mitts, and hair nets. Cooking utensils are provided but extras are greatly appreciated.

Cooking Icons

Guaranteed to help relieve stress and have loads of fun.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need your own utensils? We provide plenty of utensils, but we would love to have more for the classroom.

Is this a professional class? No, but it does look good on a resuemé to show you make effort to get better.

Will we make cultural food ? Yes, depending on how long you stay in the class. We take steps to get up to higher levels.

Do you need a cookbook? Recipes will be provided for everything you make in this class.