Thomas Jefferson Evaluation

By: Kolby and Samantha

Was Jefferson a hypocritical leader?

Jefferson believed in agriculture as the backbone of the nation and the government shouldn't encourage or discourage trade yet...

The British fired at an American ship and Napoleon stopped any ship that carried British goods. Jefferson's decided that to fix the problem they were going to create the Embargo Act that would stop foreign trade.

Exports FELL from $108 MILLION in 1807 to $22 MILLION in 1808

Jefferson put nearly 30,000 sailors JOBLESS

In the Declaration of Independence, he mentioned that," All men are created equal" used to argue for the end of slavery yet...

Jefferson owed more than 650 slaves in his lifetime. Not only did he owe slaves, but he was known to have sex with his slaves. The girls had no power to say no and since he was the master with power, it can be concluded that the sex was rape.

(Sally Hemings was one of his slaves he had "sex" with)

Jefferson believed in a strict interpretation of the constitution yet...

He sent Monroe to negotiate for the purchase of New Orleans and any additional land to the East for up to $10 million. Monroe purchased the land, but for $15 million which was $5 million over their agreement. After Monroe told Jefferson the news, he went and tried to search for implied powers that would give the constitution the right to purchase the land. Searching for these implied powers meant he was trying to stretch the constitutions powers and give them a loose interpretation.

One of Jefferson's first act when he took over presidency was to reduce the military establishment and not invest in a navy because he didn't want allow the opportunity of Americans getting into a costly war yet...

He engaged in a war with Tripoli which required a strong naval force and a more involved role in in foreign affairs.

U.S PAID Tripoli $60,000 for the release of captured Americans

Jefferson tried to portrayed the image of the "common man", informal, approachable, fighter for the people yet...

He lived in an elegant mansion with a huge plantation maintained by slaves. He would spend most of his money on luxuries and excess and was a collector of expensive fashions and art.