A robot that makes everything for you.


Are you tired of having to make everything yourself?

We interviewed several of our customers and 99.9% were ecstatic about the Ficbot.

This is the average day for one of our customers Mrs. Jess:

She gets up at 5am to make breakfast, pack lunches, take a shower and clean the house. Then at 7 her husband leaves for work and she gets two of her five kids, two in kindergarten and the rest at home, ready for school. Then she drives them to school and drops them off. She then, already feeling lethargic, goes to the store with her three youngest children and buys the groceries. The rest of the day goes something like this: Clean, make lunch, force kids to eat lunch, do laundry, find out someone threw up, clean it up, clean some more, clean, pick up the school kids, dad comes home, make dinner, follow kids around cleaning, put them to bed and stay up till ten cleaning and preparing for tomorrow.

"I thought,"Mrs Jess tells a reporter,"that I would explode if I had to do that another day, but then I saw an ad for the Ficbot and I placed an order soon as,I could. Since then my life has been so much easier."

This is the average day for Mrs. Jess after she purchased a Ficbot:

The Ficbot automatically powers on at 5am and makes breakfast. At 6:30 Mrs Jess gets up and takes a shower and gets ready for the day. At 7 she gets the kids ready for school and feeds them breakfast. Before she leaves to drop off the kids at school she tells her Ficbot to make the house nice. While she is at the school and then grocery store the Ficbot cleans the house.

The rest of the day goes something like this:

Ficbot cleans, Mrs Jess plays with her kids, Ficbot makes lunch, Mrs Jess has fun with her kids during lunch, Ficbot carries out whatever orders it was given, Mrs Jess picks up the school kids, dad comes home, Ficbot makes dinner, the family has fun until bedtime, Mr and Mrs Jess put the kids to bed and then go get ready for bed, Ficbot cleans and then automatically powers off at 11pm.

"Life is better with a Ficbot and if you don't have one now I suggest you get one."were Mrs Jess' remarks.

With a Ficbot it's good-bye worries and hello freedom.

How the Ficbot works

The prefix "fic" means make, so the Ficbot will only carry out an order if it has the word "make" in it.


"Make the house nice" -clean the house

"Make breakfast/lunch/dinner/me a snack"

"Make the bed"

"Make my room nice"-clean my room

"Make my homework done"-do my homework

The Ficbot is made from bullet(and kid)proof stainless steel with a voice chip, supercomputer intelligence and a sense of humor.It automatically powers on at 5am and off at 11pm.

The Ficbot runs on solar power. If not in use, leave it outside. It will absorb the radiant energy and store it in a battery for later use.

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Call now and enjoy a better home!!

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