During presidency of Andrew Jackson

A.K.A Little hitler

Killing the banks

On the day of 1833, President Andrew Jackson decides to use executive order to deny bank findings he thought the national bank was evil and should be destroyed. By October 1st he succeeded in destroying are nation bank and in doing so hurt the us economy real badly.

Cherokee: "Well the american president Andrew jackson decided to Force me and my people off of are land. That was rightfully ares for thousands of years, There was 16,000 of use forced to walk day and night non stop to the west of the Oklahoma. 4000 of my brothers and sisters died during the removal from are homes. To sum it all up the Americans where jerks." Frontiersman: "Are Good ol' president Andrew Jackson forced those filthy uncivilized Indians away, Leaving us frontiersmen with lots of land to build are homes and factory's. I say good riddance those Indians, They where just standing in the way of progress."

The Wings (Native American Music)