Figure skating is awesome!

By:Abeni benfield


Figure skating is fun to watch and hard to do. I hope that after reading this paper you are trying new things, and not only trying them but your having fun while you try. So get up and have fun and get active!

How Figure skating is played!

Figure skating was distributed at the 1908 Olympic summer games in London. the men and women singles competition and the pairs compete against each teams. the men singles will be held February 14th and 16th, while the women singles will be held February 21 and 23, at the Torino games. The Figure skating events will be held February 11- 23 at the newly constructed palavela.

Science of Figure Skating

Balance is an important to a Figure Skater because of spins, jumps, and other fun stuff. Balance is actually constructed by your ears and gravity. The friction of surface rubbing together also slows down moving objects. Friction as well as the drag from air, is what stops them when they have finished other wise they would crash! Friction is a push or a pull that acts on an object. Forces are needed to set object in motion. Every moving thing has Momentum is the property of every object that tries to keep it moving once it has started in motion. A skater creates super fast spins by pulling in his or her arms close to the body. The tighter the arms are to the body, the faster the spin. The farther out, the slower the spin.

Different parts of the shoe and its purpose

Boots- Olympic Figure Skaters wear boots that are custom - made for each foot and heavily reinforced with thick, stiff leather interiors and extra ankle bracing. The blade - has a sweet spot of the blade is blow the ball of the foot. Toe picks- are a useful part of the Figure Skating. Its teeth cut into ice blades are used for pushing off in jumps and as the pivot point during spins