Ed. Tech. Report

Volume 1 Issue 6

Building a Quality PLN

Here I am, just over 3 months into my position as Instructional Technology Coach for the Franklin Area School District. For the most part, the transition from my traditional teaching role to that of an Instructional Coach has been relatively smooth and painless. I am gradually becoming more and more comfortable in this position and am developing a deeper understanding of what is expected of me. Still, however, there are times when I feel lost - times when I struggle to see my place in the bigger picture of our district. It is these times that help me realize how fortunate I am to have two tremendous resources in Ann Black and Erin Zacherl to go to for guidance. These two tremendous educators and technology integrators have quickly become strong pillars of my Personal Learning Network.

The Personal Learning Network, or PLN, is a topic I've been studying lately. I have recognized how important it is, as educators, to develop a network of professionals to help us stay sharp in our approach to teaching. It is essential to have those individuals to help us think through and develop strategies in our teaching. These individuals are there to provide new and fresh ideas that will help keep our delivery of content from becoming stale and repetitive. It is the members of our PLN that will push us and help us to be the absolute best educators that we can possibly be. I don't know how any one of us can effectively function long-term in this career without a strong PLN.

I am continually amazed at the ease with which we are able to connect with other educators and leaders throughout the world. Distance is no longer an issue with the technology we have available to us. If you haven't done so already, I would strongly encourage you to open a Twitter account for professional purposes. I have just recently opened mine and am already blown away by the thought-provoking news and ideas I've come across. If you decide to enter the Twitterverse, may I suggest you begin the development of your PLN by following @SirKenRobinson, @Kevinhoneycutt, and @AngelaMaiers? These leaders will lead you to truly examine your role as an educator and provide ideas to transform yourself as a professional.



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Personalizing Productivity

For those that participated in last week's survey question concerning the use of specific productivity software, I appreciate your input. My interpretation of the results? The majority feel that specific programs are important, but are able to teach the skills regardless of the program being used.

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