BeYOUtiful Butterflies

2014-2015 Year End Celebration Newsletter

Team Stats

30 New Team Members

429 parties

$237,489 in Team Sales

Top Directors

Top Team Sales

Becky Bergemann $121,791.48

Amanda Farrar $97,252.77

Way to go Becky & Amanda, you have both built Amazing Teams!

Dream Builders (Team Members added)

Amanda Farrar Director 15

Becky Bergemann Director 7

Congratulations Amanda on being an Awesome Dream Builder!

Personal Sales Volume

Becky Bergemann Director $31,723.25

Amanda Farrar Director $30,172.27

You ladies are so strong with your own personal business/sales! Consistency is key!

Top Party Girls

Becky Bergemann 50

Amanda Farrar 47

These are outstanding monthly party stats!

Top Consultants

Top Team Sales

Amy Sadowski Sr. Consultant $42,203.30

Heidi Spingola Sr. Consultant $40,925.82

Jennifer Box Consultant $21,871.57

Hannah Williams Consultant $13,241.29

Jennifer Feather Consultant $12,426.06

Congratulations Amy on being Top in Team Sales.

Each of you is well on your way to having the team sales required to maintain a director title!

Dream Builders

Heidi Spingola Senior Consultant 4

Jennifer Feather Consultant 2

Alison Green Consultant 2

Hannah Williams Consultant 2

Holly Henning Consultant 2

Way to keep sharing this amazing opportunity with your hosts, customers and friends!

Personal Sales Volume

Jennifer Box Consultant $18,562.57

Jennifer Feather Consultant $11,543.57

Hannah Williams Consultant $10,584.35

Santasha Hoeft Consultant $9,001.58

Amy Sadowski Senior Consultant $8,691.13

Rebecca Schmidling Consultant $8,330.29

Heidi Spingola Senior Consultant $7,017.40

Melissa Dolney Consultant $6,231.30

Abigail Cheske Consultant $5,780.29

Congratulations Jen for unbeatable personal sales volume in just 9 months!

Top Party Girls

Jennifer Box Consultant 42

Jennifer Feather Consultant 26

Amy Sadowski Sr. Consultant 15

Hannah Williams Consultant 14

Rebecca Schmidling Consultant 14

Melissa Zaffrann Consultant 13

Jen you have mastered the party!

Amazing Stats from our Team Members that joined this year

These ladies rocked some amazing 'Average monthly sales' in their first year:

Jennifer Box $2,062.51

Santasha Hoeft $1,125.20

Flower Lewis $993.22

Rebecca Schmidling $833.03

Stephanie King $827.25

Kimberly Olson $780.07

Keturah Hochmuth $717.40

Mariah Schwabe $664.11

Kaleena Stenshaug $631.36

Alison Green $540.84

Cheryl Sorenson $528.34

Melissa Zaffrann $519.62

Elise Bougher $500.20

These ladies earned all 4 months of their StartSwell Rewards:

Jen Box

Kaleena Stenshaug

Melissa Zaffrann

Rebecca Schmidling

Santasha Hoeft

These ladies earned 3 of 4 months of their StartSwell Rewards:

Stephanie King

Sue Phelps

Lauren Sances

Kim Olson

Keturah Hochmuth

Alison Green

Congratulations to the following ladies for adding team members in their first year:

Alison Green 2

Kim Olson 1

Jen Box 1

I am so proud of what all of you have accomplished in your personal business this year!

Your Directors Year End Stats

$31,982 in Personal Sales

9 Team Members added personally

52 parties

It is such an honor and a privilege to lead this amazing team of women. I feel blessed daily that my JOB is to Celebrate, Encourage and Reward you and I that I get to be your friend along this journey. I feel very strongly that your business is YOUR business and that I am here to support you along your journey. I love knowing when you're partying, when you're stepping back and when you need some advice. Please know that I am here for you whenever you need my help.