FETC Report

selections from my experience

FETC January 2014

I wanted to take this opportunity to share some of my thoughts about my experiences at the FETC conference earlier this year. Especially, those that are relevant to my job as an Elementary Teacher-Librarian and the new role that I am trying to take on as an extension of that, Educational Technologist.

Tools, Tools, and More Tools...

I cannot begin to tell you about the technology tools that I learned about at FETC. More than you could possibly imagine. I have been maintaining a list and hope to do a Technology Share one morning a week next year. "Tech Tuesdays" would be a voluntary workshop held one morning a month to share technology tools that I think teachers would find useful. Part of the process of sharing with colleagues is knowing about them yourself. Currently I am immersed in learning more about my favorites. Ultimately, I would like to collaborate with our staff developers and building teacher-librarians on this endeavor to provide the greatest value to our teachers.

Some of my favorites...

Worth watching