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This month the Kindergarteners learned about symmetry while celebrating one of their favorite holidays. The students drew a symmetrical heart with oil pastels using a transfer technique to make both sides the same. The hearts were painted in three colors being certain to continue the effect with matching colors on each side. In addition, they practiced color mixing to experience a different value of pink, known as red-violet.

We learned about a famous pop artist in PreK this month. The children were able to view and discuss a wide variety of his works through a Power Point presentation. They were also introduced to his idea that art can be a celebration the good things in life. Afterwards, they each created an image similar to Britto’s work “A New Day” featuring a large heart. The children also gained experience in creating a complex drawing by making images of a rocket in outer space and a cowboy/girl here on Earth.

Oswego Rd. and Tallgrass Pre K's


Happy month of febrero! In Spanish class we had a busy month learning about South America. The students watched a video about Peru and learned about wind instruments from the Andes Sierra. We also had the opportunity to celebrate "el dia de San Valentin" with a Spanish story about a girl with many friends: "una nina con muchos amigos". We used colors, numbers, days of the week and clothing vocabulary.

What a fun month! Enjoy the pictures from my Kindergarten and Pre-K classes on Friday, Oswego and St.Charles.

St.Charles K Class singing the Months of the year song

St. Charles Kinder Spanish Class

Resources for the Home

Learn Spanish Greetings - Hola Amigo - with BASHO & FRIENDS
Spanish greetings, feelings, and locations with BASHO & FRIENDS - [Viewer's Choice]


This month in music class, Kindergartners have been getting ready for our performance of "Jack and the Beanstalk". They have been practicing hard in music class and in their classrooms to prepare and are almost ready to perform on the stage! The performance will take place in the CAES gymnasium on March 17th! We can't wait to see you there.

Bartlett, Plainfield and St. Charles Schools

10:00 1st Presentation of the Jack and the Beanstalk Play

10:20-10:45 Pictures and Refreshments

Westmont and Lisle Schools

11:00 2nd Presentation of the Jack and the Beanstalk Play

11:20-11:45 Pictures and Refreshments

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Pre-K finished our second book in the "Mozart Mouse and Beethoven Bear" series this week! We finished by performing some of our favorite songs from the series this week. In the month of February, students have been practicing their rhythm patterns with quarter notes and quarter rests by clapping and on instruments. We also learned a new note, the half note! We learned that this note gets two beats instead of one like the quarter note. We practiced playing it on the triangle last week. We also began to discuss "form". We learned that different sections in music can sound different and therefore we assigned them different shapes. This is an introduction to "AB" form and "ABA" form in music. We also learned the words "Chorus" and "Verse" and know that a chorus stays the same and repeats and the verse changes each time. I am so proud of Pre-K and their growing music knowledge!
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Physical Development

Kindergarten: This month the students participated in a Kickball Game learning about team sportsmanship, kickball rules, and player field positions. Students also had an opportunity to run, walk, and jog around the track and participate in Fitness Stations. Students also learned about the 2 places on the body to monitor one's heart rate. The following fitness stations included:

1. Crab Dips

2. Tummy Tightener

3. Jumping Jacks

4. Hoop Run (Agility)

5. Target Aim and Toss

Preschool: This month, preschool students participated in the game, "Crab Soccer!" Students demonstrated and strengthened his/her muscular strength, endurance, team work, flexibility, and ability to move one's body to anticipate a bounced ball. Students also participated in P.E. Stations comprised of:

1. Crab Soccer

2. Catching and Throwing

3. Alphabet Ball (Big Beachball)

4. Target Tossing and Aiming


Greetings from Technology class!

This month students in Pre-K and Kindergarten have showcased their comfort with desktop computers by expanding their typing and computer navigation skills.

Students in Pre-K learned all about maps and the evolution of maps over time. Students were able to explore a maps of the world, a globes, and even had fun scrolling through Google Maps on the computer. Students agreed that technology is becoming more exciting as time goes on.

Students in Kindergarten continued to explore Max Count. This is a simpler version of Excel that teaches students the basics of creating spreadsheets. Students in some classes conducted surveys and recorded the data in Max Count. Other classes used Max Count to sort out words with blends, words with the long "i", or the value of different coins.

I hope you have a wonderful month of March. If you ever have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out through e-mail at Candice.Ziebart@nlcinc.com.

Best wishes,

Miss Ziebart