I Will fight for you till we lose

What it takes to be a Lawyer

To become a lawyer it takes many of years of legal study and which I have a lot of because of course I'm the best. You also have to have good negotiating skills because you have to talk with the families and the criminals. The negotiating skills will be to talk to the judge about working out a deal so that the criminal wont get such as harsh sentence.

My Salary Range

To start of I get $55,505 a year but that's only because I'm barely coming out of college. In a couple of years I should be getting paid $125,000 a year. I will work hard to be the best lawyer to help win cases so that I can help you and me.

Education level Needed

Before becoming a lawyer you might consider getting a legal studies associate degree to become a assistant first. After you have that you want to have a bachelors or masters degree in legal studies.

Testing Requirements

To become a lawyer you must earn an undergraduate degree, than pass the LSAT exam gain entrance in a law school. You must also study a profession in the court room.

Time it Takes to Complete Requirements

The amount of time it takes to be a lawyer is different for everyone. You have to go through all the steps and complete all the requirements. Another thing that really matters is how clean your record is. If you record is clean it can take a couple of months.