Mississippi River flood of 1993

Date of Flood

Started on April 1st and Ended in October 1993


Occurred across North Dakota, South Dakota, Kansas, Illinois, Nebraska, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, and Wisconsin

Rivers Involved

Several Canadian Provinces, Mississippi and Ohio rivers at Cairo, Illinois
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Size of the area affected

Affected most of the Upper Mississippi River basin
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Flood Control Measures

Flood control reservoirs, Urban levees/flood walls, and agricultural levees.


Add more ways to lessen floods like adding more levees in areas, Provide the community with meaningful ideas to do with their shelter, and lastly help with repairs to the city

Additional Facts

1. The damages in total from the flood cost $15 million dollars

2. The worst U.S. disaster since Mississippi flood of 1927

3. The 1993 flood passed the 1927 flood for the worst flood in the U.S. for that time

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