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Your Illegitimate Child | Edition 20 | May 30, 2016

goPuff Chicago has officially launched! Good luck INDRIT!

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"The tans will fade but the memories will last forever." - goPuff driver who delivered five orders in 90 degree heat with a broken AC

The season of cookouts and tan lines and mosquito bites is upon us. As is the season of melted chocolate and hot warehouses and melted chocolate. Finally.

While everyone else slows down this summer, we'll pick up. With a new demographic of customers to cater to, our marketing efforts are doubling, our staff is doubling (#internlife), and operation speed is doubling. New cities like Portland, Minneapolis and Houston are on the map. New products, new ideas, and new campaigns are on the map as well.

Summer is all about the basics: jean shorts, cold beer, and a good time. To have a killer summer and make a killing this summer, we'll stick like sweaty legs to hot leather car seats to the basics, too. What we're doing here at goPuff is big and we can't slow down or sleep on the fundamentals: 30 minutes or less, stay stocked, and don't mispackage.

Summer. Starts. Now.

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Cut #3


If the daily cash is off, it's coming out of your paycheck. Yes, I'm talking to you, Manager-On-Shift. Tip: recount the Daily Cash throughout the day as it changes to stay organized.

Make sure what's in the warehouse is consistent with the backend. Tip: download your inventory list via Excel from the backend (Products > Show All > Export to Excel).

The Good Lord (or whichever God you believe in (or don't)) sent us an operations angel by the name of Mikel. Mikel will be uploading all invoices! Email (scan and send) him invoices at as they come in one by one in real time, don't wait until the end of the day. Tip: when you receive a shipment, write which manager was on shift, the time it was received, invoice #, total, and any shipment screwups (expired, damaged, etc).

If you have products you want to temporarily or permanently remove from the GrubHub menu, email with the list of products. Shoutout to Vince in Philly for the tip. Make sure to include the Grubub account #.

Philadelphia: 27.4
Boston: 29.6
DC: 28.2
Austin: 27.7
NYC: 26.7
Denver: 33.6
Phoenix: 22.9
Seattle: 20.2


Can Amazon chill at a local bar and give out free drinks to unsuspecting customers? No. But we CAN. This familiarity with our customers is what makes us super unique in the industry. Managers: let EMILY know of cool bars or events going on in your city that you think goPuff should be a part of and we'll make it happen.

We're partnering with Air Bnb, Uber, Lyft and hotels in our cities. Holla if you have a hookup (I prefer an outward facing corner suite but I'll settle for a king room, I guess).

We're looking to give a way a lot of cool shiz this summer, starting with TATS. If you have ideas for some temporary goPuff tattoo designs, let me know!

Let us know with ample time which materials you're running low on. Similarly, if you have a city-specific idea for promotions, just reach out! Example: it's finals week in Seattle so we put together these Munching 101 cards. Now the students of Seattle are well educated and well fed.

Squad News

Derrick is now in charge of hiring drivers!

Welcome our newest graphic designer to the team, Lea!

Six interns are starting this week in the Marketing and Supply Chain departments, which means we have all the hands we need to deliver us coffee all day long. Kiddddiiingggg (not really). What this actually means is that we have a lot more manpower and a lot more brainpower to get a lot more stuff done. If you need a product, supplier, marketing venture, or anything else researched or done, let me know and we'll delegate it!

Welcome our newest managers in Philly: Shane, Andrey, Ervin and Matt!


We saved $140 this week! Here's why.

Name: Danielle Gola
Age: 26
Hometown: Jerusalem, Israel
Position: Accounting Extraordinaire

What's your goPuff story?
At Shabbat dinner one Friday, my cousin Yakir and I were talking about goPuff. The day before I had quit my other job. One bowl of hummus later, and I was a goPuff employee.

How has your life changed since you started working at goPuff?
I see blue everywhere. And I smoke a lot more hookah.

What are you thinking about right now?
How good this hookah is.

What's your idea of perfect happiness?
A family with four kids and a dog.

If you weren't working for goPuff, what would you be doing?
Looking for a Jewish husband so I can have four kids and a dog.

For the folks at home, explain exactly what you do here.
I basically oversee the company's transactions. What money comes in, what money goes out. By tracking the way we spend, I provide the information that helps analyze our growth, and how we can continue to grow smarter.

What's your motto?

I think Drake said that.
No, I did.

What's something we don't know about you?
I was training to be a veterinarian before I worked here. It didn't work out.

Why didn't it work out?
I hate blood, which is apparently an inconvenient phobia to have if you want to be a doctor.

What's your goPuff goal?
To open a location in Miami and move there.

What was one of your proudest moments?
To sound like a good employee I'd say when I started working here. But really, moving to the states changed everything in my life. I became more independent and experienced many things I never would have in my parents' house back home.

What's your favorite thing about goPuff?
Being a part of it.

What's a day in the life of Danielle?
Wake up, brush my teeth, take an Uber to work, work, eat Halal for lunch, listen to everyone bitch about how I'm eating Halal for lunch again, tell myself to go the gym, don't go to the gym, take an Uber home, think about how my day might be different tomorrow, repeat.

Which words or phrases do you overuse?
"That's so annoying."

What's annoying to you?

You can choose one question to be asked in this interview. What is it?
Why is it good to be Israeli?

Now answer it.
Everyone thinks you're smart even if you're not.

Are you smart?
That's a good question.