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October 5 - 9 News

Gifted Program Students Research Architectural Designs

Students Dressed Up and Smiling for Lifetouch Picture Day

Austinville Teachers Spend Time Learning Computer Programs to Assist Students in Meeting New Standards

Student Council Attends Fourth Annual Elementary Student Leadership Training Day

Austinville's Student Council joined other student groups from the area in a Leadership Training Day this week. The event took place at the Central United Methodist Church in Decatur and is sponsored by the Alabama Association of Elementary School Administrators.

This year's event included the opening keynote speaker, MaCary Humphrey, the Attorney General of Girl's State. Students also attended group sessions where local superintendents shared their leadership skills. Mr. Bill Hopkins from the Morgan County Schools, Dr. Ed Nichols from Decatur City Schools and Dr. Vic Wilson from the Hartselle City Schools brought messages applauding the virtues of leadership among the students present. Ambassadors from local city and county high schools shared American flag etiquette. School Resource Officers spoke on Social Media Trends, a popular topic among young listeners. The Volunteer Center of Morgan County spoke to the young audience about the many service opportunities available to them. Ms. Hales commended Austinville's Student Council Sponsors, Mrs. Leah Archer and Mrs. Sophie Gillette for continuing to promote leadership among our students.

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Our Workweek

Volunteers at Work

Austinville Promotes Healthy Eating Fundraiser

Austinville's Outdoor Classroom is raising money to continue hands-on projects in Science and Math. What better way to make an impression on students than to promote healthy eating! If you would like to place an order, please contact Ms. Clark at each Wednesday by 3:00 pm with your order. The orders may be picked up before 4:00 on Friday at Austinville. Orders are paid for at pickup.

Apples are grown at Scott's Orchard in Hazel Green. All other produce is from McAlister & Rogers Farms of Taft, Tennessee. Austinville students love their Outdoor Classroom and appreciate your support!

Red Delicious Apples 5 pounds for $5.00

Golden Delicious Apples 5 pounds for $5.00

New Red Potatoes 10 pounds for $5.00

Sweet Potatoes 10 pounds for $10.00

Jack-o-lantern Pumpkins $3.00 (Only 20 Left)

Small Flatso Pumpkins $2.00

Gourds 2 for $1.00

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¡Mariachi Madness! Guitars for Austinville

There aren't any mariachi bands in Decatur City Schools. However, many of our students come from areas where mariachi is part of their culture. Guitars are crucial instruments to a mariachi band. It is an instrument that can easily be mastered with little formal instruction. Help us reach our students by providing 15, 3/4 size guitars for our music classroom. There are approximately 125 students in 4th and 5th grades who will be studying guitar. Two students will partner per guitar in class. Students showing promise for playing mariachi or other specific types of music can be identified and put into ensembles for more musical development. My hope is to eventually build a mariachi program for the entire system, allowing students to experience music from other cultures and giving our Hispanic community a way to be involved and invested in our schools. Rubrics will be used to evaluate student musical development. Hopefully, one day our school system can have mariachi bands that compete with other schools and participate in community events. If you are interested in donating to this grant, please contact Dr. Gilbreath at

Mark Your Calendars!


  • 12 & 13 Fall Holidays - Schools Closed
  • 16 Kindergarten Disney Field Trip
  • 16 Club Day
  • 22 Report Cards Go Home
  • 23 Jump Rope for Heart
  • 30 Club Day


  • 1 Daylight Savings Time
  • 6 Club Day
  • 11 Veteran's Day ~ Schools Closed
  • 20 Club Day
  • 25 Thanksgiving Holidays ~ Schools Closed
  • 26 Thanksgiving Holidays ~ Schools Closed
  • 27 Thanksgiving Holidays ~ Schools Closed