Pacific Rim National Park

Impact Of Climate Change

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National Park: Pacific Rim National Park

Date Established: 1970

Location: British Colombia

Size: 500 km squared

Important Features

  • Pacific Coast Mountains Natural Region
  • 3 sections of coastline along Western Vancouver
  • Three sections of coastline along Western Vancouver Island (Long Beach Unit, Broken Islands Group and West Coast Trail Unit) with sitka spruce and coastal western hemlock ecoregions
  • Significant populations of nesting seabirds, sea lions, bald eagle, black bear • Heavily used beach, trail, and campsite infrastructure
  • Identified climate change as an important ecological stressor in 1997 State of the Parks Report Projected Climate Change – Range of Four Doubled-C

Impact Of Climate Change On National Park

Projected Climate Change

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Activities That Pacific Rim National Park Offer

  • Run or walk the new long beach The 9.5-kilometer Long Beach Challenge route takes visitors past the park’s most stunning shoreline features.
  • Take the hike of a life time the 75-kilometre West Coast Trail follows the one-time survival route of unlucky shipwreck victims through old-growth forests, past wide-open beaches and across suspension bridges spanning rivers and streams.
  • Catch a wave: West Coast Surfing For a once-in-a-lifetime surfing experience, leave the bikinis and board shorts behind and suit up in neoprene to catch some waves off Canada’s west coast.
  • Immerse your self in nuu-chah-nulth culture Make your visit to Pacific Rim National Park Reserve the cultural experience of a lifetime with interpretive walks, storytelling and interactive displays hosted by park

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