Deanne Bray

My famous Deaf Person

Deanne Bray.

Deanne Bray was born May 14, 1971. She was born in Congro Park, Los Angeles California. Deanne Bray was born deaf and considers herself bilingual in American Sign Language and English.

Being deaf

Deanne is profoundly deaf in her right ear, and is hard hearing in her left ear, in which she uses a hearing aid. Without the hearing aid, she cannot hear voices. She was taught at a young age to hear using her left ear and to read lips, as well as to communicate using both spoken and written English and ASL.

Starting young

Deanne started acting as a young adult after she was discovered performing with a deaf dancing group, “Prism West”, at a deaf festival at California State University

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The picture above is when Deanne was playing on the episode "INK"


Deanne is deaf actress. She has played in many movies and TV shows. she also has her degree in Biology. Being Deaf has helped Deanne with landing roles and doing what she loves. Acting.

A little bit more.

Deanne has taught deaf and hard of hearing high school students maths and science in California and also established a literacy program. She is soon to complete her Masters in Education. She is involved in many organisations and also serves as Second Vice Chairperson on the council board of the Greater Los Angeles Council on Deafness.

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Life now

Deanne lives in California, USA with her husband, Troy Kotsur, a deaf actor, who has made a few appearances with her on “Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye”. Deanne also recently gave birth to a baby girl. She enjoys reading, reading with deaf children, and going to deaf community functions. Her favorite quote is the African proverb, “It takes a village to raise a child”