No Teacher Left Behind

What about our teachers? written by: Alecia Petty

How would you suggest we, as a nation, provide consistent learning opportunities for teachers and ensure that they are not left behind in learning about new techniques and strategies?

We as a nation can provide opportunities for teachers to learn new strategies and techniques by first, making it a requirement nationwide in a federal sense, that as part of teachers maintaining their state licensure, to receive so many hours of documented training per year. Many people may argue that if a state should have expectations then they should be the ones to provide these opportunities for training to be done, and I would have to agree with that to an extent.

I believe that if states make it a requirement for teachers to receive so many training hours a year to maintain their teaching certification, then the responsibility should be split between the states, districts, and teachers as individuals. States could start off by providing conferences for teachers all over the state to come together and collaborate and receive training as a whole, the other half should be placed on individual school districts to provide some monthly trainings for the teachers in their district, and the rest of the hours should be placed on the teacher as an individual, which will further challenge the teacher to go out and seek ongoing learning in the area of their specialization. Some might argue that putting a teachers licensure at stake in this manner is harsh but not all educators are as motivated to continue their ongoing learning once they have went through the requirements of becoming a certified teacher, and I believe that in order to remain effective as an educator, even as a veteran teacher, you have to continue to revamp your strategies and techniques to match the current society.

Should all teachers across the country use certain practices? If so, what would those be?

Yes all teachers should utilize the same educational practices across the nation, in regards to providing meaningful education to 21st century learners, those practices should consist of the following:

  • Setting non-bias High expectation for ALL students
  • Maintaining open and clear lines of communication with families
  • providing individualize instruction
  • Providing positive feedback
  • engaging students
  • combining the use of technology with clear and precise instruction
  • Involve students in decision making
  • Utilize students interest and strengths when developing and implementing curriculums

Should there be a consistent standard for all teachers to meet, just as students must pass high stakes tests? If so, what would be the standard?

Yes, all teachers should be held to a standard in regards to providing the best in education. If teachers are expected to set high expectations for students and students are expected to learn according to a specific standard that's been laid out for them, then teachers should be held to a standard as well in regards to ongoing learning and providing the best in education. According to the first iste standards, " Teachers use their knowledge of subject matter, teaching and learning, and technology to facilitate experiences that advance student learning, creativity, and innovation in both face-to-face and virtual environments" (International Society for Technology in Education, n.d.), this is the level of standard that I think all teachers should perform up too.

how well teachers are being prepared to master the ISTE Standards for Teachers standards in their classrooms?

The 5th standard of the iste standards stats that, " Teachers continuously improve their professional practice, model lifelong learning, and exhibit leadership in their school and professional community by promoting and demonstrating the effective use of digital tools and resources" (International Society for Technology in Education, n.d.). By attending seminars and conferences teaching are continuing their ongoing learning and preparing themselves to instruct in a 21st century classroom.


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