Stem Cutting


Materials Needed

1. flower pot or plastic tray

2. plastic bag or material to secure around plant to maintain humidity

3.stem cutters

4. soil for new plant to grow

5. water

6. sunlight

How to-

1. Cut off a healthy part of the originals plants stem (3-6in) at a 45 degree angle.

2. Remove bottom set of leaves

3. Place in a pot or tray with soil and nutrients

4. Ensure there is sunlight and humidity for the new plant to grow

5. When the new stem develops roots, replant with potting soil

Step by Step Pictures

Stem cutting works well for houseplants, ornamental plants, and woody shrubs.

What is Stem Cutting Propagation?

Creating new plants by taking cuttings from a section of stem, leaf or root from a parent plant and manipulating it to create a new plant.