Unit 2: Leadership and Society

Big Ideas

Big Ideas:

  • Our society is a complex system that relies on the cooperation of many individuals in order to succeed.

    • Education is an integral component of society.

  • Though it is difficult to establish and maintain competent leadership, it is an essential element of an effective society

    • There is always a struggle for power when people coexist

    • People are easy to manipulate when they are afraid

    • Power is a concept that must have checks and balances.

    • Nature of power/authority

    • Using our powers of persuasion/effective communication to shape our society into what we want it to be

Essential Questions

  • What role does society play in structuring our ideals, values, and sense of right and wrong?

  • What is the definition of an ideal society?

  • How do I assist in developing an effective society?

  • What are the characteristics of an effective leader?

  • Why do we need rules?

  • How may I educate future generations?

  • Which aspects of society should be passed down to future generations?


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