Coach Hyatt Is A Riot

Dan Gutman

Conflict of the Story

The Conflict of the story is There is this kid named A.J and he did not like school because you can't push and shove and make people fall on there butts, but there was one thing that he liked and that was Pee Wee football. On his first practice he saw his friends on the team and there cheerleaders were there and one girl that A.J hated was a girl named Emily because she was better at Pee Wee football than A.J. A.J's team is playing the sharks. You must read the book to find out what happens.

Why Read?

Give it to a Son/Daughter, or Grandson/Granddaughter or read it yourself

You should read this book or give it to a grandson, child, or read it your self. I will tell you why you should do that. It could make your children or grandchildren laugh a lot. I think it could make you laugh for a guess from me. So it is your choice to do what I said about reading the book because I can't command you.