James Dashner

His Journey Through Writing

His early life

James Dashner was born on November 26, 1972. He was raised in his hometown of Austell, Georgia by his parents James and Linda Dashner. He was one was one of six children. Dashner graduated from Brigham Young University with his masters degree in accounting, but wanted to take a shot at writing. He wrote his first series called the "Jimmy Fincher Saga" in 2003.

The Maze Runner

Dashner's most popular book, and my favorite, is "The Maze Runner". It was published in 2009. It starts some time in the future when a boy named Thomas arrives in a giant labyrinth called the Glade. There are other teenagers his age that are living there. He has no memory of his past life and is desperately trying to remember how he was brought here. After a unique series of events, he is given the status of a Runner. As you read through this book you will be sucked in by the special events that happen while they try to escape The Maze!

I was so intrigued when I started this book just by the fist few sentences. He makes magic happen when he starts getting into details. I for sure give this book 5 stars, because of the amazingly made characters and how every chapter leaves you hungry for more! I love how every character reminded of someone I know. The way he describes the the people, places, and things in the Glade, make it so easy to picture. Seeing the movie after reading the book really made me frustrated, because it wasn't the same as I pictured. I loved the book and I think you will too after reading it!

James Dashner's Book Series

My Thoughts About the Author

I think that James Dasher's creativity is off the wall! I love his way of thinking and how he describes his characters. He is definitely in my top 5 favorite authors. His details are amazing while your progressing through the books. Every chapter left me wanting to read more. He so delicately lays out the perfect sequence of events. I would kill to have a mind writing ability like his. I for sure recommend his books to others!

Some Interesting Facts about James Dashner

A few interesting facts about James Dashner

  • His favorite TV show is "Lost"
  • His favorite food is pizza
  • He first got his degree in accounting before becoming a writer
  • His favorite music artist is Led Zeppelin
  • His biggest fear is snakes

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