Monster Mile is Back

Fitness Month

Monster Mile

Come and join us as we run and have tons of fun!

Monster Mile

Thursday, Oct. 31st 2013 at 8:30am-2:30pm

Hedrick Elementary School, 1532 Bellaire Blvd. Lewisville T.X 75067

We hope to see you there.

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Monster Mile Calendar


Hedrick Elementary 2013 Monster Mile Challenge

What: Monster Mile Month Long Challenge

Who: Hedrick Elementary Students and staff

When: Month of October


  • To help educate students on healthy living both mentally and physically.
  • To help furnish the new collaborative learning space and give prizes to the students.


The Monster Mile Challenge will be a month long challenge. Each day there will be a new challenge for the students to accomplish. The task each day will relate to healthy eating, healthy living, and character building. We want to help encourage our students become well rounded individuals who can make smart independent choices when it comes to daily living. They will receive a “Physical Fitness Log” that they can record their number of physical minutes each day (ex: played outside, cleaned the house, soccer game, etc..).

Academic Connection:

Teachers will be using a variety of health related information in their lessons to help bring in a cross content based connection to healthy living, math, reading, and science. The first week of October the teachers will also count the total number of physical fitness minutes from their individual classes and combine into one total. We are going to then create a school wide graph comparing physical activity across grade levels.

Fun things for students:

*Each week there will be a drawing for a different prize. These prizes include iTunes gift cards, Sonic and other restaurants gift cards. The students are encouraged to enter the challenge all month long in order to be eligible for the different prizes. Once the student signs up for the challenge, the student’s name will remain in the prize drawing.

*This month long challenge will be incorporated into our Red Ribbon Week. Each Friday will have a different “theme” to help continue to inspire the student’s in their challenge. Look at the attached calendar to see the upcoming themes.

*LHS athletic students will be visiting all month long during PE to work with the kids on different physical skills that are associated with their sport. They will be discussing the different dynamics of the sports and the different commitments they make.

Race Day:

Race Day will be held on October 31st. The LHS cheerleaders will be here during the day to help cheer on the race. Each grade level will conduct its own race. This will give us a winner for each grade level. The winner of each grade level will receive a ball and other goodies. Teachers are encouraged to race with their class to help motivate and inspire! Those who do not wish to participate will be in the “cheer” section to cheer their classmates on.

Preparations and community involvement:

Parents and supporters can come on the day of their student’s PE rotation and walk/run the mile with their child.

My hope is that this is an exciting month that raises the Hedrick spirit and becomes an annual event. Please encourage your classes each day. I look forward to seeing 100% participation.