Friends are Very Important

Ethan Naylor Period: 6/7

Analysis of Development of Theme

Setting, character, plot and conflict all affect the overall theme, "Friends are very important¨. The Main characters don't even have any friends until they meet each other, and the conflict just makes their bond stronger.

I hear a window breaking, then a small faraway voice is saying "Put your hands up villain!" Pg.131

Reflection and Application of Theme

I agree with with my theme because in our generation, the world is a very very dangerous place, so it's always good to go with someone. You will be safer if you have some with you at all times. Also, being with friends is great in general. It's awesome to have friends. Friends are always there to help you, make you laugh, and smile. Max isn't that smart until Freak came along and changed his life. My brother has been my best friend in the whole entire world ever since I first met him and he has changed my life a ton. I remember one night before Christmas Eve and we stayed up all night. The very next day we passed out playing Zelda.


This book is about two kids with disabilities. Max has a very hard time learning, but is super tall. Freak (Kevin) is really smart, but super short. They have a lot of good times and bad times. But most of all they help each other with their disabilities. Freak helps Max learn, and Max has Freak on his shoulders all the time so that he isn't so close to the ground.