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Private Lessons, Technique, Repertoire, Style

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Achieve Uninhibited, Expressive, Powerful Singing!

Aspiring singers at every level must challenge themselves to develop certain skills for vocalizing, nurturing, and maintaining their own voice.

Voice teacher, Feli De La Fare, provides skillful insight and routine training for a healthy and effective approach to practice and technical development of the vocal instrument.

Topics Covered:

1) Dramatically improve your vocal range and full voice production. Sing high notes beautifully and consistently without abusive pressure or strain.

2) Eliminate Vocal “Breaks” or “Cracks” in your scale. Learn how to strengthen your "middle voice" and navigate smoothly through the passagio or “bridges” in your voice and into several octaves of performance range.

3) Learn professional mix techniques. Unleash power and brilliance in your voice with daily warm-ups that encourage and strengthen your contemporary, pop/rock “mix”.

4) Develop agility and lyricism in your singing with effective support exercises and challenging scale runs.

5) Learn proper vocal technique to practice successfully and productively on your own. The provided methods and exercises will allow you to progress as a more dynamic singer and performer.

Contact Info:


Monday, Oct. 26th 2015 at 11am to Sunday, Nov. 1st 2015 at 12am

520 8th Avenue

New York, NY

Monday - 11 a.m. - 7pm

Tuesday - 11am - 7pm

Wednesday - 11a.m. - 7pm

Thursday - 11a.m. - 7pm

Friday - 11a.m. - 7pm

Saturday - 11a.m. - 7pm

48 Hour Cancellation Policy
If you fail to give 48hr-notice, you will be charged the same price as your lesson. Time is very limited, and early notice is needed to replace your slot. Thank you for your consideration.


1 hr Private Lesson = $135.00
4 Lessons (15% off Monthly Package; $80 savings) = $460
10 Lessons (20% off Pro Package + Free Daily Vocalizations Mp3 Download, $270 savings) = $1180

Feli de la Fare

New York based voice teacher, Felicitas de la Fare, is a professional vocalist and educator from Buenos Aires, Argentina where she teaches technique, repertoire, and vocal styles in pop, rock, and music theatre.

As a singer, Felicitas has performed lead roles in musical productions and is a member of Argentinian pop/rock band Pocket, which has performed professionally throughout her native country, in more than 100 concerts, and has opened for major label acts such as Demi Lovato and the Jonas Brothers.

Felicitas maintains her voice studios in New York City and Buenos Aires (est. 2010), and works regularly with students in North and South America. She teaches private voice lessons, group classes, vocal workshops, and master classes for performing artists from the national Broadway industry “Avenida Corrientes” and is an instructor for the top music theater training programs in Argentina. Felicitas helps facilitate annual trips to New York City, with young performing artists from her hometown in Ramos, where they study dance, singing, and acting with Broadway industry professionals.

Felicitas holds a degree from Catholic University of Argentina. Her voice and performance teachers include Liz Caplan, Romina Cerri, and her husband, Kurt Robinson.
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