Mrs. Lacomis' Class Newsletter

A Look Back at January


-Word families: a chunk/word pattern that you know that can help you read and spell words

1. Short vowel word families (splat, sled, winter, operation, duck)

2. Long Vowel word families with a silent e: words that end with a silent e make the vowel in the middle of the word say its name (crane, plate, time, kite, globe, phone, tube, flute)

-Consonant clusters (slimy, spill, grapes, crayon, tree, street)

-The Mitten: We've read several mitten stories focusing on retelling and comprehension.

-Interactive Read Alouds from this past month include A Chair For My Mother and A Sweet Smell of Roses. Some goals of interactive read alouds:

1. Model fluent, expressive, slow reading

2. Teach new vocabulary

3. Ensure content is understood

4. Think beyond the story

5. Make connections

Sebastian and Henry: The Mitten Retelling
Rhea and Jack: The Mitten Retelling

Writing: Small Moments

-In this unit, the children learned to take everyday events from their lives and make them into focused, well-structured stories

-As always, we continue to communicate those stories through pictures and through more and more writing

-Authors stretch the action across several (3) pages because the moment is so important

-We've look closely at published authors who stretch a moment across several pages

-The children have learned to plan their writing and orally tell their story to a writing partner

-Ways to elaborate and add details:

1. Adjectives: describing words (words that describe people, places, and things)

2. Verbs: action words (words that tell what someone or something is doing)

Math: What Would You Rather Be? (Unit 4)

-Sort a group of objects according to a given attribute

-Represent a set of data with two categories

-Interpret a variety of data representations with two categories

-Describe a set of data, including how many are in each group, which group is greater, and how many people responded to the survey

-See two of our class surveys below. We were 0 for 2 with our groundhog and Super Bowl predictions. :( But they were fun to do nonetheless!

-Please have your child practice the math flash cards to develop automaticity

Social Studies

-Martin Luther King, Jr.

-Groundhog Day


-North America:

1. Mapping/geography

2. Landforms (volcanoes, caves, islands, mountains, valleys)

3. Inuit of the Arctic: We've learned about our first of four Native American tribes. Students will travel back in time to see how these groups sustained life in their region. We will focus on clothing, food, shelter, and transportation. They'll also compare and contrast life in North America in the past to life today.

Class Mitten Adventures!

Our "missing" mittens are slowly finding their way back to South School! We shared our first one this week! Please remember to send in mittens along with evidence of their adventure by Monday, February 10th. We will be tracking the travels of our mittens on a class map as well. With the possibility of additional snow days, it would be helpful for this project to be turned in by Monday so that we can share them during the week.

Class Behavior Chart

As I mentioned in the letter home last month, it's very important that the children are active listeners and do their personal best in order to meet their full potential as learners. We continue to work on our classroom goals of: transitioning quickly and quietly, waiting patiently for a turn and not calling out, and working efficiently.

Please review your child's color coded chart nightly to discuss the positive or negative choices he/she has made each day. Please initial your child's calendar at the end of each week. I will collect the calendars at the end of each month. Thank you for your cooperation.

Valentine's Card Exchange

Friday, Feb. 14th, 8:15pm

South School, New Canaan, CT, United States

New Canaan, CT

Students Only

Winter Break

Monday, Feb. 17th, 12am to Sunday, Feb. 23rd, 12am

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