Falcon Collaboration Station

Fannin Falcon Library

Fueling Your Minds & Fueling Your Bodies!

I am happy to invite all Fannin Falcon Staff members to the Falcon Library Teacher Collaboration Station! There's coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and even some sweet treats for you to enjoy! And, while you are enjoying your treat, take a moment to learn all about our district eBooks.

See you in the library!

BISD eBooks...

  • More than 1,700 titles!
  • 85 audiobooks!
  • Fiction & Nonfiction
  • English & Spanish titles!
  • All levels & All genres!
  • EASY to use!
  • Great for class reading, student reading & personal reading!
  • Can be read online (with internet connection).
  • Can be read offline (without internet connection).
  • Can be read from a tablet, computer, or smartphone!
  • Can be projected onto your whiteboard or screen for class reading and analysis!
  • Click here for more information.

Just a few of our eBooks...

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Carol Frosch

Fannin Elementary Librarian