Con's of annexation

U.S doesn't want to annex Texas!!!!

Why the U.S doesn't want Texas!

one, the U.S doesn't want to pay Texas's debt (honestly i wouldn't ether),i mean i wouldn't want to have to pay for a debt, that isn't even from this state, if you want to join than you better be debt free!

Anouther reason why the U.S dont want Texas.

Also the U.S is not a slave state, when Texas is a major slave state, i know that i wouldn't want slaves in a state that's agents savory, that's just not right!

Reasons why Texas wanted to annex.

The treaty of 1844

treaty of 1844 and the election of 1844

And the treaty of 1844 would of made Texas a territory of the U.S , and gradually be accepted, but the U.S senate rejected it, and Big shock here it didn't pass with a majority of 2/3 of the votes.!!

Election of 1844

Jams K. Polk favored annexation and became the new president with intern means that Texans also favored annexation!

Joint Resolution

a much easier way to annex, because is only takes 51% of the votes to pass also the U.S voted to annex Texas on Feb. 26, 1825