The Holocaust Now and Then

Evan Brooks

The Importance

This event alone is a horrific turn of events that I and probably most people around the world would like not to see unfold again. With the massive loss of innocent lives just because they didn’t look the way you wanted to or did the actions that you never wanted put an end to over 6 million Jews. With that number alone it is hard to imagine that when you look at a room of 100 and can’t even understand and piece together what 6 million people would look like. All that loss of life and you have to remember they didn’t discriminate in who they killed at least. From full grown men, and women... to little girls and boys. The best part being wither they had the best mental health, or mentally handicapped, they died. It is important to remember not only the losses that took place but who was killed, and for the simple reason of them not being your perfect race that you wanted.

Why to Remember

The main lesson for any mass tragedy is to know what happened and prevent history from ever repeating that event. With such discrimination came mass murder across the German controlled territory, where the overall root of the problem is difference. With two sides of group, if one thinks they are better, soon it could go to the point of hating the other side and seeing them as inferior. We need to learn to keep the peace and in a sense, if you have a problem or a hate towards the other side to talk it out or just live with it. You can’t have a good enough reason ever to commit this much genocide, to push that amount of loss out of your mind. We need to hear the lessons of to not repeat our mistakes, deal with our problems in a less destructive way, and find some sort of peace in any given situation as to make the death toll never rack up as it did here.

Old and New World Connections

Discrimination today can mostly be seen in Favoritism, and you could see that all throughout history even in WW2. There are at least two sides to every problem to create a disagreement of some sort argument. Favoritism can be seen back in WW2 when the holocaust is happening, especially then. Hitler favored his Aryan race opposed to the Jews that he didn’t, as today you might favor one food, person, place, or thing over the other. So what do you to that thing that you do not favor? You, ignore or try to cut it out or even just moderate it. Hitler tried to moderate the Jews with laws, then moved them away, set them up for a new purpose, and then wanted them removed. In today’s society you can go through those stages with just about anything as he did with the Jews. Also just in general, we have had prejudice around since man itself. It is our way of having two races and one making the other one the less important/ superior

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