November Newsletter

Randy and Jocelyn's Class

Important Dates

November 1: Daylight Savings begins (Fall Back 1 hour) begins at 12:00am

November 9-13: ERB Testing Week

November 11: Veterans Day

November 12-14: Vision Team Meetings begin at 8:30am

November 17: Field Trip to Camp Twin Lakes- solar scavenger hunt

November 21: Service Learning Day

November 24: Solar Oven Gallery(9:00am)

  • Grandparents and Special Friends Concert (PP-2@10:00am, 3-6@10:45am)
  • Early dismissal @ 12pm

November 25-27: Thanksgiving Break

Other Important Information

ERB testing begins promptly after the start of school each morning. Please remember to help your child get plenty of sleep, eat a healthy breakfast, and get to school on time each day.

We are looking forward to the big Grandparents and Special Friends Day concert on November 24th! We are always so very proud of our children when they perform both on and off stage. Please make sure your ​child is nicely dressed for an on stage performance for grandparents and special friends. Many of us may know it as "dress to impress."​ The following grades have a specific color to wear.​

PP/PK - white shirts

1/2 - brown shirts

3/4 - black shirts

What We Are Learning

What We Are Learning:

Science- Energy and Waves: We have begun our unit on Energy and Waves. This unit will explore the different types and sources of energy and how they can be transformed and transferred from one state to another. Students have begun researching energy forms and sources on their iPads and contributing to our Energy Chart. Once we have a established a good understanding of energy the students will participate in the construction of a solar oven to cook food. After we explore the construction process as a class, the students will be broken into groups and tasked with designing their own solar oven. They will be responsible for documenting their process on their iPads and then writing up a tutorial to explain the construction. The ovens will be critiqued by the teachers and students who will complete a rubric to score each oven.The tutorials will be submitted to where submissions are regularly accepted for new solar oven designs.

MathDecimals and Their Uses: Next week we will begin our fourth unit in Everyday Math. This unit focuses on extending and applying decimals.

Skills and Content covered:

1. Decimal place value

2. Comparing and ordering decimals

3. Estimating with decimals

4. Decimal addition and subtraction

5. Decimals in money


7. Metric units of length

8. Nonstandard units of measure

Writing Workshop:

We are continuing to fine-tune our personal narrative about a small moment in time. Students have moved or are continuing to move through the writing process.

  • Prewriting- brainstorming and gathering of ideas
  • Draft- The initial formulation of ideas in a sequence
  • Revise- Going through the draft and looking for A.R.M.S -adding, removing, moving, and substituting content. This is the place where the students are cutting up their drafts and piece them back together in a more logical or chronological order.
  • Edit- Students will go through their draft looking for C.U.P.S -capitalizing, usage, punctuation, spelling
  • Publish-This is the final draft that is either neatly printed or typed

Students will also begin writing a tutorial on how to construct a solar oven through our Energy unit.

Reading- We are continuing to read the book Fish in a Tree by Lynda Mullaly Hunt as a class. This is a story about a young girl who struggles with her inability to read until she meets a new teacher who sees her for the creative bright girl she is.

Students have begun reading the book No Talking by Andrew Clements in our Book Clubs. This story is about a competition between the boys and girls of Laketon Elementary School to see who can go 2 days without talking. This challenge was inspired by a social studies project on India and Gandhi by the protagonist.

Students are working on comprehension of the text and are engaged in active discussions concerning some of the themes of the story.