Efficient Running Workshops

More Speed: Less Effort: Fewer Injuries: More Runners

Just Let It

The amazing game of accessing pre-programmed biomechanics for great running

  • Do you want your next PB without any more effort?
  • Are you a non-runner wanting to run, but worried your not 'built for running'?
  • Do you want to get rid of that persistent injury, plaguing your running?
  • Do you want to discuss footwear choices with someone with a broad overview and a lot of experience?
  • Do you start running & have to stop because it hurts? ... do you start running again and have to stop again because it hurts ... ?
  • Do you want to know why you've plateau'd and can't get any faster, no matter how much you try?

Your personal fitness and/or running experience is irrelevant - it's all about technique.

There will be opportunities to ask all those burning questions on footwear choices, running injuries and transitional issues when adopting new running techniques.

Free coaching download to all attendees

Session 1, Friday 4th October 1230 - 1330 hrs, GE Capital (indoor session if weather dictates):

An eye-opening, active and interactive intro masterclass in the biomechanics of Efficient Running. On this first session, you'll barely break sweat ... it's ALL ABOUT THE 'HOW' so you can discover how comfortable and enjoyable REAL running is when you factor in our successful, upright human design.

Fortnight break to practice and hone your new-found silky running skills!

Session 2, Friday 18th October 1230 - 1330 hrs, GE Capital (outdoor session)

Following up on the drills you learned, we discover how to flow fluidly into easy, effortless running, staying comfortable, able to hold a conversation whilst gobbling up ground with quick, efficient steps.