4th Grade Weekly Newsletter

October 17th - 21st

Upcoming Events

10-24 through 10-28 Red Ribbon Week

Monday - 10/24 Red Ribbon Day - everyone gets mustache red ribbons to wear

Tuesday - 10/25 Strike Out Drugs and Bullying Day - everyone wear a baseball cap

Wednesday - 10/26 Wear Red Day and Pep Rally

Thursday - 10/27 Sock it to Drugs and Bullying Day - wear crazy socks

Friday - 10/28 Team Up Against Drugs and Bullying - sport your favorite team!


Students are allowed to retake two summative assessment per subject each semester. A summative mater ticket must be filled out by the student and parent and turned in to the teacher in order for the student to retake the assessment. Please visit the website below for more information and a copy of the summative master ticket.


For eclass help at home, please refer to these links!

Link to the main technology information page: http://publish.gwinnett.k12.ga.us/gcps/home/public/about/eclass

Link to the C&I Information page: http://publish.gwinnett.k12.ga.us/gcps/home/public/about/eclass/content/eclass-c-and-i-course-pages


This week we will work on summarizing the non-fiction texts. Students will be asked to find the main idea and supporting details for a variety of non-fiction texts. One great way to practice this is to have them read a section of their Social Studies or Science textbook and have them summarize the information for you!

Don’t forget that students should be working towards their reading goal. The reading goal for 4th grade is 32 novels. Students are expected to complete 8 books per quarter or grading period.

Reading is the foundation of all other academic areas and is especially important as students move up grade levels. It is important that students become accustomed to reading both fiction and non-fiction text. Please be mindful of the amount of reading your child does this year, as well as the balance of different reading genres. Students should be reading for 20-30 minutes a night at this point in the year, with the goal of reading for 45 minutes per night by the end of the year. The reading goal for 4th grade is 32 books/articles from a variety of genres.


Root Word: tele- (far, from afar)


If your child has lost their homework paper, please see my eClass page!

Our Grammar skill will be Synonyms and Antonyms

Check out this website to practice all parts of language.


Social Studies

Students will take their Explorers Unit test by mid-week. Students should be reviewing their notes and using their study guide to prepare.


Unit 2 - Factors, Multiples, Prime, and Composite

This week we will begin our new unit. Students will start by identifying factor pairs for numbers in the range 1-100. They will be able to recognize that a whole numbers is a multiple of each of its factors. They will determine whether a give whole number in the range 1-100 is a multiple of a given one digit number. Then students will learn how to identify numbers as either prime or composite.

Check out these websites.

JW7YH67 - Find all factor pairs using a rainbow factor line

Y8ED252 - Find all factor pairs using a T-chart

TM3BF4X - Find all factor pairs using area model

DC9F28J - Determine if a number is prime or composite using area model

Students should still be practicing the multiplication facts they need to work on learning.

Some students are still struggling with their basic facts and that takes PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE!!! Here are a few websites to either practice facts or to print off flash cards. Thanks for all you do at home.





This week we will continue our unit on persuasive writing. Students will work on creating a thesis for their essay and providing reasons and examples that support this thesis.