Weeding of the Barnet Gardens

A fun event for families of all ages!!!!!

As the sun is just beginning to return, so are the weeds in the Barnet gardens. If you are available and wish to spend some time with other fellow Barnet gardeners then please consider coming to the weeding party.

Barnet Weeding Extraordinaire

Sunday, July 7th, 7-9am

163 Kid Row

Barnet, VT

Friends of Barnet gardens please take note: since we planted all our plants through plastic, the only weeding/tending that needs to happen this summer is: hill the potatoes around the edges and in the potato barrels, and weed the raised beds of onions, carrots and beets. That is it. If anyone has time to stop by and do one of these tasks, that would be awesome. Oh, and as a bonus: watch the blueberry bushes and pick when ready.