Electricians are the people you call to wire either your house, business or factory to get lights, outlets and etc put in. Electricians are needed to because no one or maybe a few people might have electricty in thier house. If it wern't for electricians that know what they are doing other wise you couldn't make toast in a toaster, food in a microwave or a good pot of coffee.


The reason why I chose this career was because I think it would be cool putting in electricity for someone its kind of like being a super hero by putting in lights, outlets etc. so they could get around with seeing were you are going.

The kind of degree an electrician needs is a Masters degree.

The thing that caught my attention was that it would take long to wire a house of some sort but if you like doing it it doesn't matter how long it would take I just think it would be worth helping people see.

The branch of science my career I chose is in is Physical because it has nothing to do with living animals or plant and doesn't have anything to do with earth and space so it would have to be Physical.