Heart of a Champion

A novel by Carl Deuker

What would you do if your bestfriend was drifting out of your life?


A boy named Seth, learns a lot about his father that has passed away when he was little. But Seth did not understand why his dad had such an interest in sports so much, one day Seth goes to a park and meets his new best friend Jimmy. Jimmy was Seth's new partner in crime, they built a very strong connection with their ups and downs throughout the story. That one day Seth went to the park, his whole life had changed and soon realized that he had the biggest passion for his new sport, baseball. Soon the two start drifting away from each other in their junior year of high school, Jimmy starts to slack his passion for the sport he grew up playing, and Seth does not know what to do to hep his best friend out.

"i am not good enough to play, not as good as Jimmy"


I chose this book because, it seemed very passionate and serious about baseball and life decisions, also the lifestyle behind the sport. My favorite part of the book was when Seth got caught drunk in front of his mother when he drank Jimmy's champagne. In my opinion, the book is a great book and has a lot of real life situations and understandings of life and sports. Some reasons I liked & disliked this book was because it shows too much baseball action and events and I personally thought it was very excessive and long. But also most events are very long but exciting, making the book very nerve racking and clinching when some events arise. Overall, I would rate this book four stars, because it follows life procedures and the way Seth does not have it easy in life when he grows up, also watching Seth build up to the player/person that he can be is a big part why I like this book so much. It would be recommended for sport players, or people with a understanding of life issues, and what other people have to deal with.
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